Sunday, June 8, 2008

Roseola and swingsets (nice combo)!

Well it definitely was roseola! Her rash is in full force, mostly on her back and neck. While the fever has diminished, the sleepiness and irritability persists. Yesterday nothing we did could make her happy. She was so irritable!!!! Everything we did produced whining, tears and temper tantrums. Even watching her main man Elmo on TV wasn't enough for her to chill out. Let's hope that today is better!

Those who have been around my kid recently need to know that incubation of the disease is 10-15 you will probably find out next week if they are infected. The good news is that if your kid has already has roseola, it is very rare that they will get it again!

In other news...we are currently looking into swingsets for Claire. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to look? I know they sell them at Toys R Us, Lowes, BJs and online. Any difference in quality? I think after listening to horror stories that we might suck it up and hire someone to put it up for us. I can't imagine Scott trying to put it up even with the help of Ed. I would rather have piece of mind that the thing isn't going to topple over when kids are swinging.

It is funny to look at some of these things online. I guess gone are the days of kids playing on the aluminum swingsets that Mandy, myself and many of us spent out childhoods enjoying. Some of the new swingsets are out of control. For example:

Maybe if I had a crapload of money and acres of land this would be a possibility, but seriously? I guess some people actually do buy it since it was listed as a popular item.

Oh well, wish us luck on our swingset hunt!


Mandy said...

that thing is crazy! although you would be the most popular house in the hood if you managed to fit that one in your backyard. if you don't get one that's quite the complicated, ed would be more than happy to lead the putting it together. but if you would rather hire someone, that's fine too.

i'll keep an eye out for a fever in abby. at least i'll know what it is if she gets it. and at least we probably won't have to worry about it again if she does.

nelly said...

thats like the size of our house! my goodness thats crazy...

hope claire gets better soon...i hate sick kids when nothing helps =(

meg said...

we searched online for a playset and found the cheapest price at (I think that's what it's called). Putting it up wasn't so bad (it's even easier if your ground is mostly level). Just don't go by the time table they say it should take. Tim and his dad (mostly Tim) did a little each night and it went up fine. Good luck. Deciding what you want is tough!!