Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My list of pregnancy complaints...

Here is my new post. OB appointment tomorrow, will hopefully update with positive news tomorrow.

Here are my current complaint:
1) Vaginal Varicose Veins - Got some huge ones down there. They hurt so freaking bad...it is basically like having hemmorhoids on your labia. Apparently they occur in 50% of twin pregnancies. Lucky me.
2) Reflux - Everything I eat comes up/ goes down/ comes up/ goes down. Pain is very much involved.
3) Consitpation - Nuff said.
4) Backaches - Nothing seems to be helping, not even Scott's attempt to rub my back.
5) Acne - Dang Hormones.

And you requested a new post...


Sarah said...

Yea for the new post. Boo, for all the crap you listed.

Hope tomorrows OB appt goes well. I'll be thinking about you.

Maybe Scott needs to learn better backrubbing techniques.

Bitter Mom said...

1. That's weird. And I just pictured labia. Gross!
2. I hate pregnancy heartburn!
3. Boo.
4. Go get a prenantal massage!
5. Boo again.

Becky said...

I hope you didn't picture my labia!!

Mandy said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....that first one offically goes down as TMI.

and bummer about the last one. one of my favorite things about being pregnant was that my face cleared up. so much for that...

Bitter Mom said...

My face cleared up, too! But my back broke out like mad! Ugh!

Sarah said...

1. That's disgusting!!!! And I don't want to know what Val pictured. Even though I already know.
2. Reflux and heartburn sucked!! Tums were my dessert EVERY night!! I still have 2 containers around the house.
3. Boo.
4. I second the get a prenatal massage.
5. My face broke out as well. It wasn't until afterwards that I cleared up. I feel your annoyance in that area.

meg said...

Wasn't it Becky's posterior that a few of you got the joys of seeing 2 years ago? Now it's picturing labia with varicose veins. That's what friends are for!!

Bitter Mom said...

I didn't look!!!! I stared at the TV for a few minutes longer than I had to!!

Sarah said...

And since I never saw it nor do I plan to - I don't want to picture it. I really don't want to picture anyones labia.

And definitely you can tell when you are a friend when you seat in the room when your friend is having her va-ga-ga looked at.

So what was on TV???