Friday, May 30, 2008

2nd ultrasound

I had my 2nd ultrasound at GBMC in the high risk unit today. They were checking on my cervix. I measured at a 2.3 and normal is a 4. I am also a fingertip dilated. At this point, they recommend "taking it easy" as well as frequent ultrasounds. The doctor at the ultrasound gave me a lecture on not picking up Claire. I was like "okay, but how do I get her in and out of the crib?" She told me to basically limit it to necessity. Poor Claire, she has a real case of the Mommys lately. I think she must know something is up...

Thank everyone for there well wishes and prayers. It means a lot!!!! I am still in a state of shock.

New Blog...New Life

Well, I always told myself I would never have a blog. I enjoy reading other blogs, however, I really was never into journaling. My circumstances have recently changed, and I figured I should try to write about them.

Scott and I found out February 13th that we are pregnant again. We were both very excited. We both planned this one so that Claire and the baby would be 2 years apart. We were also surprised because the pregnancy happened on the very 1st try. I guess I do not have any fertility issues since Claire was a "surprise!!!" I felt very happy that I was actually able to plan out the life I wanted, that being two kids two years apart. After this pregnancy I was planning to get an IUD to prevent a third. This pregnancy so far has kinda been hard, the whole 1st trimester was spent bending over the toilet all day long. I thought this was odd because I never has any nausea with Claire's pregnancy. When I went to the 8 week appointment, I told my OB that this pregnancy has been very "intense" as compared to my last. He told me that it meant I would probably have a boy. We did the quick ultrasound and everything looked good.

Recently I have been getting a lot of comments about how big I look so early (just what every pregnant woman want to hear). As one co-worker put it... "Oh my God, you're huge!" I thought that possibly I timed the pregnancy wrong and that I was actually further along (this happened when I was pregnant with Claire). I have also been tiring out faster on walks and day to day activities. Scott thought I was being dramatic.

On Wednesday, we has our ultrasound and we were excited to finally see the baby and figure out what "brand" we were having. When we got there, the lady ultrasound tech could not be nicer. She had me get up on the table so we could start the ultrasound. As soon as she put the wand on my uterus she exclaims "Look, you're having twins." I thought in my head "this lady really isn't funny...I don't like her sick humor." Then I looked on the screen and saw for myself. At this point I thought I was sleeping or on some sick reality TV show. I looked over at Scott who looked like he was about to vomit and I began tearing up. I started thinking "what the hell am I going to do with twins?" The ultrasound tech, however, was very excited! She kept saying how this was "wonderful and exciting," I decided I didn't like her anymore. Apparently the babies are not very shy and had absolutely no problem showing their personal areas. I found out pretty quickly that they are both boys and fraternal twins (separate sacs and placentas).

After we checked over the boys, they measured by cervix, which unfortunately is measuring short. This meant Scott and I immediately had to visit my OB after the ultrasound.

When we got to the OB office, all the nurses were gushing over us (WTF?). My OB came in and said "twins, how fun!" I was like "real nice of you to just pick up on this now." He said that he was surprised it was missed on the original ultrasound and said some joke about the baby regenerating. He then did an internal exam and asked if I was still working. I said "yes" and he said "well not anymore!" At that point I lost it and began sobbing uncontrollably. I guess he felt pretty awkward looking at my va-jay-jay while I am in hysterics so he left the room to get me kleenex.

Apparently, having a shortened cervix especially carrying twins can lead to premature labor. I don't need bedrest quite yet, but I am told to "take it easy." I guess my OB forgot what it is like having a 21 month old at home is like. I felt like saying "dude...I can relax more at work." He told me that he predicts I will be on hospital bedrest at some point, hopefully later than sooner.

I do have another ultrasound scheduled for today to see the actual measurement of my cervix.

In a span of a few hours I learn that I am having twins, I can't work, and I may have preterm labor. To say I am stressed is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, this is my blog. I hope to update it often.