Friday, June 27, 2008

Claire Bear

Claire has just been amazing me with the things she is doing and saying now-a-days. Here are some examples of my 21 month old's uber intelligence.

1. My Mom brought us over pizza for lunch early this week. She also bought Claire a pinwheel. When she hands Claire the pinwheel, Claire runs in my purse gets out a dollar and hands it to my Mom while saying "Thank You." My Mom and I nearly fell on the floor laughing!!

2. Claire has a little magnadoodle that she likes to scribble on. She also likes to tell Scott and I what to draw on there for her. This morning she asks Scott to draw her a "circle." His circle wound up being a little wide and Claire points at it and says "Oval."

3. Driving to the park Wednesday, we were at the stoplight of Joppa/Honeygo. She points to the Left yelling "this way, this way...POOL." She was pointing the way to go to the White Marsh Pool which we had a party at last weekend!!

4. Whenever we go to a room full of people, she likes to yell "HI GUYS!"

5. My Mom got Claire a jelly bean bouncer (pic below)...every time we go down to the rec room she sees it and yells "WOW...NEAT" before hopping on. She also remembers that Grandma bought it for her!!

Okay...enough Mommy bragging...she is such at a fun age! It is really cool that she loves and knows her numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. It eases my mind that she already knows these things since is going to be the youngest in her class having an end of August birthday! Hopefully she doesn't become a bad ass once the twins arrive!!


Sarah said...

I know that my cousin has 3 kids. They are 12, 8 and 3. When JT was born (the middle child) and even when Kinsey (the last child) was born, Brian helped out a lot. He was older and able to help out more. Maybe with Clarie being a girl and older she'll be more helpful and not a bad ass. It really is amazing how fast they grow up.

Mandy said...

She should be fine...once she gets over her baby-phobia! ;)

She is too funny! I wish I could see her more often. Now that Abby is getting bigger (and easier to take places), we should stop by more often.