Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ughhh....I hate doing nothing! I hate television and all the crappy shows that are on! Who the hell is Tila Tequila anyway and why is she famous?? Why do I want to vomit every time I flip past Jon & Kate?? Why is everyone on Bravo gay?? Why does my People magazine suck this week?? Why did I finish a really good book ("The Time Travelers Wife") last week leaving me with only crap to read (I refuse to start reading the Nicholas Sparks book I found on my bookshelf...I don't think I can take the cheese)?? Why isn't anyone updating their blogs so I can at least read that?? Why did I stop getting a paycheck last I can't online shop?? Why does Claire want to play everywhere but where I am (at least watching her play is interesting)??? I would join Facebook and start that addiction, but I get paranoid that former patients will try to look me up...

Okay...enough complaining.

I need:
Book recommendations (FYI - I hate mysteries, most chick lit, Harry Potter type books and romance novels)
Movie Recommendations
Fun websites



Bitter Mom said...

You should join Facebook. You can be as anonymous as you like (like only naming yourself 'Becky S' or something).

I have piles of books, should you need something to read. I always recommend Anne Tyler! She's not romance, she's not sappy. She actually writes about ordinary people. And her stuff usually takes place in baltimore.

I can bring a few over tomorrow.

meg said...

sorry... my suggestions revolve around playhouse disney online and the disney/sprout channel on tv. who has time to read? I once had an addiction to sudoku. that was fun (until they got REALLY hard). hopefully we'll find a way to keep you from being bored tomorrow.

Bitter Mom said...

You should also check out the curious george games on I'm a fan of "Pogo-a-go-go"

Sarah said...

All the books that I read are romance - Danielle Steel, Sandra Brown - type. That sucks that People sucked this week. I use to be addicted to Sudoku, I still am sometimes. I always like to do those hidden object games and there are loads of them online. Just some suggestions.

nelly said...

adriana trigiani, american-italian writer. lucia, lucia and queen of the big time are my favourites and roccoco.

david baldacci's wish you well is a good one.

and definitely join facebook!! i'm on there more then my blog!