Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another day...another uneventful OB appt.

Not much happened at today's appointment. I lost 2 lbs (which is very strange) and everything else is in it's place. I start going weekly now and I also start my NST's (which is a test that basically measures fetal heart rate, contractions and movements) next week. My OB said he would let me go to 37 weeks if I can make it that far...that would put me at October 3rd. It sucks being pregnant, but honestly it would suck more having two babies in the NICU (plus I am no where near mentally prepared for twins yet). My OB also confirmed that my chances of C-section are pretty high since both babies are breech...we shall see what they do.

Claire was pretty funny today! We were walking to the car and she said "Mommy, take Claire Bear's hand." She is such a goose!

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Sarah said...

That's good that the OB said he would let you go to 37 weeks. That has definitely got to be harder and probably harder to wrap your brain around that the twins will be here in a month. And honestly the NICU is not that bad and if they are healthy they may get moved to the Special Cares Nursery and not be in the NICU as all. Honestly that hardest part was the first night I had to leave them - I bawled my eyes out - but the nurses there are wonderful and they don't care if you call ten times in an hour. So yes, the NICU does suck from this side, but being in there it's not that bad.