Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing Claire...

Well we have been doing our best to prepare Claire for the pending arrival of her baby brothers. I have a feeling it is not going to go over well because she gets very jealous anytime another baby is around. One example is when we were down the beach, Scott's Mom was holding a baby. All Claire could do is cry "no baby, no baby" until his Mom put the baby down. Another example is anytime Abby is around, my Mom isn't allowed to hold her without Claire getting an attitude!

On a bright note. When I ask her what is in Mommy's belly she says "baby brothers." Scott and I were also talking with her about our family and who was in it. She looked intently at us when we said our family is going to be Mommy and Daddy and Claire Bear and Isaac and Ryan. After we were done she says "and Gabby too." For those who don't know, Gabby is our cat!! I thought that was cute. Hopefully she is getting it a little.

Scott should start painting the nursery next weekend hopefully. I bought the baby bedding a week and a half ago from to be shipped to our local Walmart for free. Unfortunately today when Scott went to pick it up they "lost" the package. They refunded our money, but now we have to wait to get the stupid bedding again...I freaking hate Walmart!! Luckily I ordered the matching valances from eBay so we have something to go by for the color of the room! Hopefully seeing the nursery will prepare Claire as well.

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Sarah said...

I'm sure that she will get better once they are here. She is just use to be the only baby. And plus if you give her a playing role in taking care of them, maybe, she won't see them as a threat but more like her sons (or dolls) that she can take care of. I know she is still young but she may understand more when they arrive.

And I see that 28 weeks is coming up soon. Congratulations.