Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dumb Survey Time...

I am new to this blog survey stuff and all. I think I am *supposed* to "tag" people at the end, but I say do it if you want to...although I would like to read other people's answers...

2 of 20 survey
1. Two weird things about yourself: I put salsa on mac & cheese and I love the smell of gasoline.

2. Two physical attributes you like about yourself: My legs and my abs of steel.

3. Two personal attributes you are thankful for: My generosity and my ability to see good in most people.

4. Two changes you feel could change the world: No more drugs and stronger caffeine.

5. Two things to be thankful for today: My Claire Bear and that my babies are still growing inside me.

6. Two of your favorite things (not people): My house and my wedding rings

7. Two things you detest doing: Sitting still and washing the floors.

8. Two things you know you should do more: Exercising and eating better

9. Two things you want to do before you leave this world: Take a vacation with Scott without kids and Ride in a hot air balloon.

10. Two things about your house you'd like to change: Ugh...my dirty ass carpets on the main floor!! They were dirty when we moved in and no matter how much we clean them the dirt keeps coming back!! I would also like to have the whole house painted professionally.

11. Two favorite celebrities, and why: Elmo, because he keeps Claire entertained for 45 minutes and Wentworth Miller because he is just so hot!!

12. Two celebrities you don't like, and why: Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Cage because they both suck and I refuse to watch movies in which they star.

13. Two favorite books: "The Lovely Bones" Alice Sebold and "I Know This Much is True" Wally Lamb

14. Two cases of odd things that go together nicely: Salsa/ Mac and Cheese and wine/playgroups

15. Your two most "famous" scars: My mastitis scar and the scar under my chin from trying to hurdle an chain fence in high school.

16. Two things you've accomplished today: Going to the drive-thru starbucks and changing 7 (so far) poopy diapers (the girl has diarrhea today).

17. Two things you intend to accomplish today: This survey and probably a few more poopy diapers.

18. Two favorite things about Summer: Playing outside with Claire and sitting on my deck at night with Scott (this would have said drinking on the deck...but not so much this summer).

19. Two favorite things about Winter: Christmas and not much else (I hate winter).

If you had the money and time, what two things would you do in the next year: Stay at home full time and hire an Au pair!!


Sarah said...

So, I stole your survey from you and posted it on my blog and I have no idea how to *tag* people either. I know how to do certain things and well they are limited when they come to blogging.

nelly said...

by tagging you just say who you want to do the survey =) but anyway, i was going to say: aww, i like nicholas cage! not keanu but i do like nick ;) i love gone in 60 seconds and national treasure!
oh and i like ketchup with my mac n cheese, so i can totally see the salsa thing and might have to try it!

Sarah said...

I have to agree with the gone in 60 seconds. But you have to give Keanu a little bit of a break I mean Speed!!! and Point Break although that could have been a good movie because of Patrick Swayze!!