Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas shopping...

Well, I began shopping before Halloween this year for multiple reasons...the top two are because 1) I need to buy almost everything online (since I am a freak show when I leave the house) and 2) What the hell else do I do now-a-days?? I am finished Claire (although I keep seeing stuff I want to get her). My top 4 favorite things I got her are:

The old school Bozo the clown Bop Bag

This tent system which will be fabulous outside next spring!!

The Leapfrog Tag system (yes I realize she is only 2, but she LOVES reading and knows all of her letters and what sounds they make and tries to read so I think she will like this toy)

This is just too dang cute...she broke her other toy stroller and this one was a lot cheaper than the toy double stroller!!

The other stuff is mostly just toy food since my Mother-in-Law is getting her a nice wooden toy kitchen.

Now, I am stuck because we got Claire a bunch of cool toys and I was planning on only wrapping up diapers/wipes for the boys. This may look crappy in the Christmas video we take. Would it be dumb of me to wrap up the summer clothes I bought for them back in September on clearance?? I am sure it doesn't matter, but I am afraid they are going to be like "What the hell" years down the line!! Perhaps I should make some of Claire's toys for all three.

BTW - if anyone wants to get ME a Christmas gift...keep the wine coming!!


Bitter Mom said...

I don't think it matters. Clothes that you bought them already should be fine! What the hell are they really going to know? Put a couple packs of binkies in their stockings/wrap them up as gifts, and call it a day. :)

Erin said...

I was totally done with the boys, but now I am thinking I am going to have to get them that bozo bag... that's awesome.

And as for the boys, yeah, I kinda didn't get Simon much last year. I think I got him one new toy and then wrapped up something from the attic. His stocking had sippy cups, Puffs and other things he needed. ;) I felt guilty, but seriously... what a waste of money it would have been to get him a bunch of toys! a) we already HAD a bunch of baby toys and b) he didn't know any better or care... he preferred eating the wrapping paper anyway. LOL.

Mandy said...

you can wrap some of claire's old baby toys for the boys.

Mandy said...

and i can't wait to bring abby over this summer so she can play in that awesome tent/tunnel thing. :)

Steve Weymark said...

Hey there. Any chance you can tell me where you got that triple doll stroller?