Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby weight!

Ughh, how I hate trying to lose weight during the holiday season! I have 10lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but...I have 20lbs to lose to get back to where I should be! I did well for about a week, but there are just some temptations out there that I just cannot avoid. In no particular order, here are my downfalls:

The pumpkin spice latte...even though I get it "nonfat" it all adds up! Plus every time I get a latte I HAVE to get one of the next thing

Ahhh the Starbucks pumpkin scone...I don't believe there is anything better!!

And damn Weis markets with their addictive pumpkin muffins!!

And seriously...cannot resist the pie!!!

Clearly there is a theme here...hopefully fall will be over quickly!!!!


Sarah said...

Glad to see at least you are keeping all of your snack choices in the same pumpkin group. Those all sound great.

Bitter Mom said...

mmmm...pumpkin. I'm going to be making pumpkin cake and pumpkin pie cake over the next two days. (In addition to a cheesecake and rice krispie treats.) YUM.

meg said...

Weis also has killer pumpkin roll. I'm a sucker for those. They even preslice them (theat keeps me from eating a whole pumpkin roll at once).

nelly said...

i wish that there were stores here that would sell pumpkin stuff so i didn't have to be the sole pumpkin maker! starbucks over here doesn't sell that stuff either.

as for losing weight, i am finding at the moment that just cutting out bread, rice, pasta and potatoes and helped a lot. slowly i am losing weight, just by sutting out that.

Mandy said...

At least your weakness is seasonal. Unfortunately for me, chocolate is there all year round.

Erin said...

Something tells me that in about a year, you'll be having trouble keeping weight ON. ;) Those two are going to keep you running!!