Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So tired...

So sleepy baby stage is officially over!! We now have two babies that enjoy being awake at all hours of the day. The night before last was the worst! Literally someone was awake from midnight-7am (including Claire). I don't think Scott or I slept more than 45 minutes at a time. Luckily, yesterday I brought the swing upstairs and discovered that both boys seem to calm down in it. Mandy let us borrow her swing as well, so I am thinking the second swing is going to go in our bedroom for those no sleeping moments!

Ryan is having some gas issues! The boy is impossible to can tell he is uncomfortable too because he bears down and screams. Mylicon doesn't seem to be helping too much. Any suggestions??

I have been taking daily walks with usually 2/3 kids (my mom will watch one of the babies while I walk). Both babies seem to like the sling and bjorn (thank God), so taking Claire for a walk to the park has been pretty pleasant. I will say that sitting in my butt since May has really taking a toll on my endurance. I am getting winding so totally sucks, especially considering I have never had any problems taking long walks!

Anyway, sorry for the slacking in posts, but seriously my life has been pretty chaotic.

Also, Happy Birthday Scott...sorry your 30th isn't going to be anymore exciting than feeding babies and changing poopy diapers!


Mandy said...

I don't know...poopy diapers can definitely cause some excitement at times! ;)

Happy 30th Scott (if you actually read this)!

Bitter Mom said...

Happy birthday, Scott!

In terms of gas, have you tried the Little Tummies brand gas relief? Also, I think gas-X makes some sort of infant gas drop. How about gripe water (though not specifically for gas, it's worth a shot)?

Mandy said...

Ed and I used the gax-x baby stuff on abby and it seemed to work. but, who can really tell?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Scott (a day late).

As in terms of gas, I think we used Mylicon and it helped and we also added rice to his formula (even the breast milk).