Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Claire has been really pumped up for Halloween this year. She gets excited about looking at pumpkins, Halloween decorations, costumes, trick-or-treating, and CANDY! She had a blast on the Avenue for trick-or-treating this year!! She also had a blast playing with friends at a Halloween party today. Tonight, we attempt actual trick-or-treating!

This makes me very excited about Christmas...I hope the "magic" comes back this year since I will have a two year old that will be super excited about everything! I have almost finished her Christmas shopping online already! The boys will probably just get diapers and wipes!!

As for the boys...they are 6 weeks now and growing everyday! Some of there newborn sizes are getting too small (that is pretty good for kids born at 5lbs)! I am still lacking in sleep...I wish I had time to catch up! At least Scott and I are going out for my birthday Saturday night...I can drink wine without having a screaming baby in my arms!


Erin said...

Happy Halloween! The kiddos are adorable!

meg said...

enjoy date/birthday night! Tim and I had a date night recently... it's heavenly!

Sara said...

What a cute costume. And love the boys' outfits too. Enjoy your night out :-)

Mandy said...

heh...claire looks like a candy corn puff ball!

Sarah said...

They are adorable.

Hope you had fun trick or treating.