Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well since I have been on "house arrest" our day seems quite boring. This is the basic routine Claire and I have had everyday for a month!

Wake up
Eat breakfast
Watch some playhouse disney
Go to drive through starbucks (where they all know me now)
Play outside (chalk/bikes in driveway and swingset)
Eat Lunch
Watch Elmo
Eat Snack
Play Downstairs
Play Outside (sand table and swingset)
Eat Dinner
Watch Elmo
Play Outside until Scott gets home

It is getting pretty old...I am so tired of doing the same thing. I miss going to parks with friends, shopping, working, and feeling like I can do more.

I know the end result is completely worth it and I will miss being able to do this much if I go on bedrest...but I feel like I am losing it sometimes!!!


meg said...

how's your Friday looking? anything other than what's on the list? We'll be happy to shake things up a little.

Sarah said...

Just look at the bright side - it could be worse!!! You could be in a hospital and not able to go outside or have Starbucks. And you are right the end result will be amazing. And then you will have another routine with 3 kids.

Sarah said...

So how did the lastest appt go? Or should I not ask?

Bitter Mom said...

You could add into your daily routine "update blog".
Up for visitors next week? Sorry, this week got hectic...