Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi, it's me again...

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days...blame it on laziness, blame it on exhaustion, or blame it on the fact that I got nothing gone on here people!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I had another OB appointment. Things are going pretty well. My cervix seemed unchanged from my OB's perspective. I have gained 36lbs so far in this pregnancy, which I am still surprised at considering with Claire I gained 65 total at 37 weeks. I guess I have less to eat with Scott doing the grocery shopping and all (not that I am complaining). My uterus is now measuring at 41 weeks. Everyone in the OB office thought that was quite funny considering I'm not even 31 weeks yet. I am definitely huge! None of my shirts fully cover my belly, so I am always showing a little skin!

We are getting the nursery in order now. Scott painted a few weeks ago and we should expect the cribs sometime next week (Scott's cousin is graciously giving us hers). I just got an email saying that our wall letters are complete with a picture preview (below)...pretty cute huh?

I have been shopping up the end of season sales online to get the boys a wardrobe for next spring/summer. Claire is already pretty much set thanks to her girl cousins!

This Saturday we are having some family up for a small gathering for Claire's 2nd birthday! Hopefully the weather will be nice!


Sarah said...

I love the lettering and the pictures. Glad that the OB appt. wen twell.

Mandy said...

they turned out great. was it the same woman who did my letters?